Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fundraiser Thank you!


We've been meaning to sit down and thank each of you who took part in the fundraiser for everything you did and are doing to help us- but we never seem to find the right words.  And how could we?  What you've done for us is beyond anything that we can even comprehend, and there are no words to adequately express our gratitude.  We were shocked, humbled, overjoyed, and brought to tears when we heard how much you had raised for us - currently the total is at an unbelievable $31,400!!  We never imagined that we would be the recipients of so much generosity- it is truly mind boggling.

So many of you spent hours making baskets, putting together auction items, cooking and serving food, counting money, making sure that the technology was working, etc., and we are so thankful for the sacrifices you made to help the fundraiser be a success.  Through you, we have seen Jesus at work - you have literally been his hands and feet.  Through you we have experienced God's love.  And because of you we have a fresh and expanded understanding of God's grace - that he has and does give us more than we could ever deserve, that his love for us is unending, that he is with us every step of the way, and that his grace doesn't demand that we perform in order to receive blessing.

As you can see, the fundraiser was not just a monetary blessing for us (though it definitely was that!) but it was also a spiritual blessing for us.  You have encouraged us to press forward, to keep going in the midst of this trial, and to remember that God is for us, with us, and knows all of our needs.

Your generosity has lifted a tremendous burden from our shoulders.  It is such a relief to know that our needs are provided for ahead of time!

Below  is an article that was published on the Pittsburgh Christian Living Examiner by a woman who attended the fundraiser.  We are grateful for her support of us and this chance to publicly thank so many of you.  We are truly blessed.  These words feel so insufficient- but please know how much you mean to us.

Greg and Elise

Follow up report on the Greg Boros fundraiser sponsored by his brother Nathan Boros' senior project

April 16, 10:17 AMPittsburgh Christian Living ExaminerCarol Hamilton


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Nathan Boros by the display he made about his brother, Greg  Boros
Nathan Boros by the display he made about his brother, Greg Boros
Photo by Tim Boros, Nate's twin brother

Nathan Boros is indeed his brother's keeper. For his Seneca Valley High School senior project, Nate chose to help his elder brother, Greg Boros. Greg, who turned twenty-five on April 12th, needs a heart transplant.

Nate organized a spaghetti dinner and silent auction on April 11, 2010 at the Harmony-Zelienople Methodist Church. Over 540 people attended the event. Nate is thrilled to report today that thirty thousand dollars have been raised so far.

Nate wrote, "The community support and love has been made so tangible in how they have given to me and my family. The emotional and spiritual boost that comes from an event like last Sunday may prove to be more valuable than the actual money itself. God has been so so good to my family and I and it has been through the people of this community that are being His hands and feet."

At the dinner, volunteers bustled, serving salad, home made bread and rolls, beverages, spaghetti with meatballs, and dessert to the guests. The church hall overflowed with people and a line stretched up the steps from 4:30 to well after seven as people waited to be seated.

Sadly, Greg and Elise couldn't be physically feel the hugs and love that flowed from the guests. Greg had to have a right heart catheterization on April 8th. The catheterization showed that there isn't excess fluid accumulation around Greg's heart and the function has not decreased since his last catheterization on March 4th. However, Greg's doctors insisted he stay in the Virginia area and not travel to Pennsylvania for the weekend.

He and Elise did join in the fun via web cam. A large screen at the front of the room allowed the guests to see and hear Greg as he shared some of the lessons he's learned along the way, especially by reading about the trials the apostle Paul faced in his ministry. Greg thanked the crowd of well-wishers, telling them they were his anchor.

At least he and Elise could get a glimpse of the people in the jam-packed room from a web cam that scanned the many faces. Hopefully the couple in Virginia could see the expressions of love and care as it generated to them.

The web cam crew also showed Greg and Elise the tables full of gift baskets and prizes for the silent auction and people got a chance to chat personally via computer.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help with Greg's medical bills, please send a check payable to "HZUMC MISSIONS" with Greg Boros in the memo line to: Harmony-Zelienople Methodist Church, 285 Evans Road, Zelienople, Pa 16063. The church will administrator these funds to Greg and Elise.

In closing, Nate writes, "If you have caught a glimpse of Greg and Elise's heart for sharing their faith please consider becoming a part of their ministry support team as they serve at George Mason University through Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU). I encourage you to research CRU and what it is that Greg and Elise do everyday in helping young people come to know Jesus. To become monthly supporters of Greg and Elise, please see their profile through CRU's website. You can learn more about the mission of CRU at Greg an be contacted directly with questions at"

Greg's blog details his medical journey:

For information about the dinner and the silent auction:

Click here to  find out more!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Home from the hospital!


Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers over the last few days!  The Lord really took care of us and we have good news, however it was a frustrating and drawn-out time for us.  We arrived at home around 3:30 this afternoon, exhausted and glad to be out of the hospital!

The doctors did decide to perform a right heart catheterization on Greg, which took place yesterday around 2pm (after a 3 hour wait in the prep area!).  The catheterization went well, and it showed that Greg's heart function has not decreased since his last catheterization on March 4th.  It also showed that there isn't excess fluid accumulation around the heart.  This was unexpected considering the 10lbs Greg had gained in 1 week.  Looking for fluid, the doctors decided to also perform an ultrasound of his abdomen (to look for fluid) and legs, to look for blood clots.  Both of the ultrasounds came back negative- which is wonderful, but perplexing.  The doctor's only explanation for why Greg would have gained the weight so quickly is that they had made him too dry with diuretics since coming home from the hospital, and for whatever reason, his body decided to retain more water to get back to a good balance over the last two weeks.  Since nothing has changed about Greg's diet or fluid-intake, this is strange- it can't possibly be fat tissue or lean muscle weight, but they can't find excess fluid on him (at least with the tests they performed yesterday).  It also doesn't explain the increase in his symptoms, but since the numbers they look for are OK the doctors aren't changing his treatment for now.  We are to call them first thing on Monday with his weight, and we'll be going in Wednesday for our usual clinic appointment, if they don't decide to see him beforehand.  Since Greg's condition hasn't deteriorated, he'll stay a 1B on the transplant list, which is a blessing because it gives them more time to wait for the "perfect" heart instead of rushing to get any heart that will match.

Overnight, Greg did have a long stretch of ventricular tachycardia (the dangerous rhythm of his ventricles that can cause cardiac arrests).  It didn't progress to him needing to be shocked by his ICD, but the doctors were concerned about it.  This morning they reprogrammed his device so that it will record more v-tach events than it has been (his ICD didn't record this one because his heart rate didn't get high enough, but the heart monitor he was wearing notified the nurses).  This will enable them to get a better sense of the amount of vtach Greg's having, and if its increasing the way that his atrial arrhythmias are increasing.

All in all, we feel relieved to know that Greg isn't in serious danger from the increased weight.  We are frustrated by the lack of information that was gained, but as they keep telling us, that's just a part of the transplant process.  Every patient is different, and Greg's right heart failure is rare and therefore much harder to anticipate, plan for, or treat.  The medical staff keeps reminding us that we can trust the doctors- and we do- but even more so we trust that these past few days were part of God's sovereign plan for getting Greg the perfect heart at the perfect time... or for whatever it is that the Lord has planned for us along this journey.  As excellent as our doctors are (truly, they are fantastic), its nice to know the God of the universe is the one who is ultimately in control and that He knows precisely what's going on with Greg's heart, because He planned it.

Please pray that we will continue to trust the Lord, that He would give us the grace we need to get through each day, and that He would guide the doctors every step along the way.  We are so grateful that you are with us in prayer.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the hospital

Hello everyone,

Yesterday afternoon, Greg was admitted to the hospital by his heart-transplant doctors.  Over the past two weeks Greg had been gaining water-weight very quickly, despite his doctors doubling his doses of diuretics.  Along with the water-weight has come increased symptoms (fatigue, bloating, loss of appetite, soreness throughout his body, etc.) and he's felt worse and worse as the week has progressed.  We went to the heart transplant clinic for an "emergency appointment" on Monday, after he gained 3 lbs over Saturday night.  At that time, the doctors said they couldn't do anything yet and to wait and see if he continued to put on more water weight as the week progressed.  He did, and by yesterday morning they deemed it necessary for him to be admitted to the hospital. 

He was seen by Dr. Desai (the head of the transplant program) who decided to give him a dose of IV diuretics last night and one this morning to see if the stronger dose would help.  If by this morning Greg lost all the excess fluid and all his symptoms disappeared, it would be a sign that he wasn't responding to the diuretics at home and they would give him an additional "booster" drug to help keep the water off, and send him home.  If the IV diuretics didn't work- they would do another right heart catheterization today to see what's actually going on in his heart.

We haven't seen the doctors yet this morning, but so far Greg has gained another ounce of weight, instead of losing the amount necessary.  We're still waiting to see if the second IV diuretic has been effective, but it seems unlikely at this point.  Most likely, Greg will be getting a right heart catheterization and remaining in the hospital for another night as they try to determine what's causing the increased water-retention.

The doctors tell us that this is a normal part of waiting for a heart- any time there's a drastic change in how a patient is doing, they are admitted to the hospital so that the doctors can do everything possible to keep them as comfortable and strong as they can be while waiting for their new heart.  We'll probably be back here again many times before Greg receives his heart- and its a blessing that we live so close to the hospital!

While in some ways it feels like a relief for me to be here (it takes the pressure off of me trying to determine when to call the doctor, and watching him to make sure his symptoms aren't changing, etc.), Greg is very anxious to go home. 

Please pray for wisdom and insight for the doctors as they try to figure out what's happening in Greg's body, and for peace and patience for us as we "hit" this new bump in the road.  Our prayer is that Greg will just need a different medication and that his heart failure isn't getting worse.  Yet, we know that God is in control of every detail in Greg's body and in the process of waiting for and getting a heart, and that above all we need to pray for His will to be done (even when that's hard to do).

We'll keep you updated as we get more information.

Thank you for walking this road with us,