Thursday, December 9, 2010

Greg just walked TWO laps around the unit

Hi Everyone!

I'm on my way to get some lunch, but just wanted to stop and give the "daily update" that you all are so kind to care about :)

Just a little while ago, Greg walked TWO laps around the nursing unit with just a couple quick rests along the way! Yesterday, he walked one lap, two times! He is in pain and is fatigued but is so motivated to get up and get moving :) He still seems to be on track for discharge on Friday, as far as we know. Today, they are supposed to take the dialysis catheter out of his chest, but I'm not sure when they'll do that. He also needs to have the pacer wires removed. It was exciting to see that as he walked, his heart was able to respond to the activity and raised from 76 to 82! Isn't it amazing that less than two weeks after implant, it's getting in rhythm with his body? Just amazing! The rhythm remains steady and solid without any IV medication assistance! Tomorrow, he will have his second biopsy, so please pray or more good results. They've been backing off on his steroids, which is wonderful, and is allowing his blood sugars to remain in good control without alot of insulin.

Elise is excitedly preparing for his homecoming on Friday! They will be able to decorate a Christmas tree (has to be artificial this year, but that's OK!) and just enjoy being home together after him being in the hospital for 2 months!

I'm planning to head back to PA tomorrow morning, knowing that he is definitely on the right track! There will ups and downs for sure in the future, but the outlook is SO wonderful and he and Elise are SO ready to get on with life. THANK YOU for all the cards, packages, emails, texts and calls that continue to come in.... this has definitely been a season of miracles and blessings!

I won't be sending emails as frequently since I won't be here, but will keep you updated on big things as they happen. Elise usually posts updates on the blog, so don't forget to sign up for the automatic emails that come from that when she posts. Again, that address is

I hope you're having a great "over the hump day".... I feel like we are REALLY over the hump!

Love and thanks to all,



  1. I've missed the last few updates due to a hectic Advent schedule, but its great to come back to good news! Prayers still flowing your way from Alex and Andrea Hill and family in Wilmington, NC. "Emmanuel" - God is indeed with us.
    -Alex and Andrea Hill

  2. No way! That is so, so, so amazing. Rejoicing with you from Orlando!

    Judy Nelson
    President's Office
    Campus Crusade for Christ

  3. Thank You Jesus!!! We exalt You and praise You for the miracle working power and tender mercy of Your Quickening Blood shed for us!! Thank You for the beautiful perfect new heart for Greg and the tremendous blessing of Your unfailing Love for Your Beloved Greg and Elise and their precious family. How wonderful of You Lord to strengthen and heal him so he can be home before Christmas. What a JOY FILLED Christmas this is for all who have been praying and praising for these Your beloved son and daughter. Thank You Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit We can never Thank and Praise You enough!!! Have a safe trip home Becky and thanks so much for keeping us posted on Greg's recovery. I will continue to pray for Greg and Elise as God has such a marvelous call on their lives and ministry through Campus Crusade. In His Unfailing Love, Glo Donahoe ( I'm Kellie Henderson's mom }

  4. Words cannot describe how happy we are. The Lord is up to something and going to use both of them in a huge way! SOOOO Excited!