Monday, August 27, 2012

Update - doing pretty well!

Hey everyone,

Many people have been asking me for an update - so here we go!

Greg is actually doing really well.  Despite some unpleasant side effects from his new medications, he's doing much better than he had all summer!  That is a huge praise because he's doing better just in time for us to be back on campus with our students for the start of the fall semester!

We recently heard from his nurse coordinator that they had been in contact with some of those world-wide specialists.  The specialists thought that everything the transplant team had done up to this point to try to stop the antibody mediation rejection was good.  Based on the limited amount of research they have to go on and the dangers associated with further treatments, they recommended not doing any more treatments at this point.  Greg is on the medication is supposed to protect his heart from the effects of AMR, so they want to keep him on that since he's tolerating it fairly well.

On September 4th, they will do an echocardiogram of his heart to see how it is functioning.  After that, it probably won't be until October that any major treatments occur (or even biopsies) unless the echo shows a problem. 

We are very grateful for this break from treatments.  In God's wisdom, it has come at the perfect time in the year when we are most busy with our ministry.  There are a lot of neat ministry opportunities in the next two months for Greg and we are praying that his health won't prevent them from happening!

Thank you for praying with us!

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