Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rejection over!

We just found out that Greg's biopsy was a 1, which means that he's not rejecting anymore!  The lab technician even took the time to write on the report that he looks "soo much better than last time"!   Woohoo!!  We are so thrilled and thankful! 

He'll be on an increased dose of diuretics to help control his blood pressure and reduce some of the fluid he has on him right now, and then he'll be going back in 6 weeks for another biopsy.  Since the last round of steroids worked he won't need to be on any long-term dose of steroids and they don't have to change his treatment plan.

Thank you for your prayers!  And thank God for healing his heart!!


  1. Once again, we fall on our knees, grateful to our God who IS!!

  2. Whoa- that's so awesome! Our whole Bible study was praying and we can't wait to share this good news with them!
    -Andy and Kristin