Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Good Biopsy!

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted lately because Greg has been doing very well since the rejection scare around Christmas!  He had another biopsy last week to check for rejection and it came back as a 1.  This is great news because his immune system hasn't been completely wiped out, and it's not attacking his heart - so there is a good balance.  The doctors have increased some of his medications however, to increase the protection that he does have (if it was a 0 they wouldn't have increased anything). 

He also found out that he does not need to wear the mask as often anymore.  He still needs to in certain especially dangerous situations but he's very thankful to have it off in the student union when talking to students! 

Thank you for praying that his heart would continue to be protected from rejection.  We are very grateful to have a team of people who are committed to praying for us!



  1. This is such good news to hear! We pray for you both and think of you often! I can't believe how long it's been. Thankful for your relationship and Elise your steadfast love!

    Love You Both!

    Joe and Casey (Lucas too!)

  2. Wonderful news - Praise Jesus!

    Caitlin and Adam