Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Biopsy today - so far so good!

Hey everyone,

Wow, its been a while since I last wrote an update! Things have been
going very well lately. Greg has been doing great physically, and at
his appointment this morning the transplant team said he looked great!
His heart pressures were "perfect" according to Dr. Desai, and the
nurse coordinator was really pleased by everything else. We'll find
out if there's any rejection tomorrow when they get the biopsy
results, but with everything else looking so good it is unlikely.

We've been able to be focused on ministry and other life stuff lately
and have barely had to think about Greg's health at all (aside from
the normal post-biopsy stuff that is pretty routine for us at this
point). A few people have asked me lately if it seems like Greg's
transplant was a long time ago or just yesterday, and it made me
realize that it's not something that I think about that often now.
I'm sure it's very different for Greg, but for me it seems like a
really long time ago in some ways - almost like a surreal other
lifetime. And that blows me away, because there was a long time when
we couldn't picture there ever being a time in the future when we
weren't totally consumed by Greg's heart. I am so thankful for how
the Lord has carried us through all of this, and amazed at how he is a
healer of not just our physical hearts, but our spiritual hearts too.

I'll let you know what we find out tomorrow about the biopsy!


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  1. Amazing! Praise the Lord for all that He's done. Tell your husband he owes me a date.