Saturday, December 24, 2011

Going home today!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Greg is going home today!  He's receiving his last dose of steroids right now so hopefully he'll be home early this afternoon!  He's feeling pretty awful, but glad to be getting out of the hospital.  We won't know if this treatment was effective until his biopsy in 2 weeks.  We're praying that it is!  If not, he'll come back to the hospital for another round of treatments.

The great news is that we'll still be able to go to the conference in Baltimore!  He's probably not going to be feeling very well (it'll take some time for the swelling of his heart to go down) but he's looking forward to being there with our students.

Thanks for all of your prayers this week!  Merry (early) Christmas!


  1. Elise and Greg, that's great news that you can leave the hospital and that you can come to Baltimore. I've been praying that you would be able to be there with al of your students! Merry Christmas. Eddie and I are praying for you and grateful for you updates. Praying that the swelling goes down quickly, and that Greg, you feel better more quickly than anticipated. - Much love, Christy

  2. Dear Elise,
    It's been awhile since the PSU bible study, but I still think of you and follow this blog. Not sure if I have commented before, but your testimony is amazing. The highest highs and lowest lows this life has dealt you are incredible. I will have my small group pray for you. May you (both) experience health in the coming weeks.