Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good news/ Bad news

Greg's biopsy was early this morning and while we don't have the results yet, we did gain some information from the doctors.
Good news first:  Greg's heart is begining to innervate, which means that nerves from his body are growing into his new heart.  This process will take a couple more years to complete but the doctors were excited to see that it's already begun!  It's a really good sign that it started so soon.  When it's complete, his heart rate will be controlled by his nervous system again instead of by hormones (such as adrenaline) and the heart's internal "pacemaker".  The downside to this happening so soon is that the doctors accidentally hit a nerve during the biopsy which made Greg really dizzy (he's awake during the biopsies), prolonged his procedure, and left him feeling pretty awful afterward.

Now for the bad news: Greg's heart pressures were too high during the biopsy.  Essentially this means one of two things: either he's still rejecting, or he's done rejecting but his heart is still recovering from the rejection episode (which would have swollen it, increasing the pressures).  This is consistent with how he's been feeling - short of breath and fatigued.  We'll hopefully get the results of the biopsy tomorrow afternoon and then the doctors will take into consideration the pressures from today when they make a treatment plan.  We're hopeful that he's done rejecting and he won't be admitted to the hospital, but it seems less likely at this point.

Would you please pray with us?  This isn't an emergency situation by any means, but it's looking like Greg there are some more steps to take to get Greg through this rejection episode.  Thanks so much!


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