Friday, December 30, 2011

Good news about Greg's liver

You may have already heard that we had to leave the Radiate conference in Baltimore yesterday due to blood test results that indicated significant damage to Greg's liver.  The transplant team wanted Greg to come back immediately so that he could have an ultrasound on his liver this morning and a series of follow-up blood tests to determine what was going on.

So far, we have good news!  The ultrasound of his liver was completely normal!  Additionally, one of the concerning blood test results was back to normal and the other was significantly improved.  We are still waiting to hear the results from the rest of the test (we won't hear until Monday unless there is an emergency) but Greg's transplant coordinator was very relieved at the results so far and thinks that the problem may be reversing itself.  It's likely that the steroid treatment he had in the hospital sent his body in to a sort of "shock" that caused his liver to release a bunch of enzymes indicating damage - and that the further he gets from the treatment, the better his liver will be.  The other possible causes will hopefully be ruled out as they get the blood test results back.

This is a huge answer to prayer and such a relief - some pretty scary possibilities were running through our minds!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us these past two days.

Greg is still not feeling well - and he actually slept most of today because he is just completely exhausted.  His coordinator said that extreme fatigue is one of the side effects of the IV drug he had in the hospital, and that being on so many steroids in such a short period of time would leave him feeling really poorly for a while.  She is concerned about his shortness of breath though, because that would not be explained by the steroids. 

His next biopsy to check for rejection is January 9th.  Hopefully we'll have some great news that his liver is completely fine by Monday!


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