Saturday, October 24, 2015

Good news!

I tried sending this update out yesterday but it didn't go through for some reason so here it is:

I am very relieved to tell you that the only problem with our car was a dead battery, which has now been replaced! And Paul woke up without the rash so his pediatrician (over the phone) said to just keep watching him for any other symptoms. I am hoping that the rash was just another bug bite that happened to be in the same spot.

After two days of the diuretics being ineffective and Grey putting on water weight each day, the dose he received yesterday actually took some of the excess fluid off! Now we are just waiting to see how it affected the kidneys and if it is the right dose go keep him stable at home. Hopefully we can leave today or tomorrow!

Thanks for continuing to pray!

We are actually home right now!  Totally exhausted and a bit overwhelmed, but home!  Please pray for us this week as we monitor Greg's symptoms carefully and start catching up on everything we missed over the last couple weeks.  Greg still feels wiped out and has extra fluids on board that are making him uncomfortable.  Paul's cold that he's had for a week now is lingering (and sounding worse), and I am so tired.  Pray for energy to tackle the week!

Thank you so much,

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  1. Hey Elise! I was looking through my bookmarks and saw you guys' blog. I'll be praying for you guys.