Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When it rains...

Well, we are still here.  The heart catherization results threw the doctors for a loop.  They thought it would show that they had taken too much fluid off of Greg (which would explain why his kidneys were still not working well) but they discovered that Greg still had high heart pressures and probably an extra 10lbs of fluid still on board.  They took him off of diuretics for 24 hours and his kidney numbers improved so now they are fairly confident that the diuretics were hurting his kidneys.  But during that time, he put on an extra 2.5lbs of fluid.

To spare his kidneys, they are going to leave the extra fluid on for now.  They feel that the heart is working fairly well, Greg feels much better, and the kidney function is acceptable.  If they were to take more fluid off (which would make Greg feel better and the heart work even better), the kidneys would suffer too much.  So now they need to figure out the right diuretic dose that will keep Greg from putting on more fluid and not negatively affect his kidneys.  It is possible that Greg could be discharged tomorrow but we aren't sure.

Tonight during Paul's bath, Greg's mom and I noticed that Paul has a rash behind his ear where the tick was removed.  I called our pediatrician and she wants me to take Paul back to the Urgent Care clinic tomorrow morning for them to look at the rash and see if they think it is a Lyme's rash and if so, to get him started on antibiotics.

Then later tonight, I went out to pick up some groceries and when I got back to the car, it wouldn't start.  AAA came and jumped it for me so I was able to drive back to our friends' house, but now it won't start again.  So in the morning I have to get the battery replaced.

We've now been here for 14 days and I am totally depleted - and having Paul develop a rash and our car not work just feels like too much right now.  Thankfully I have good friends and family here who are being so supportive and helping me through this.  But if you could please pray for renewed energy to face all these challenges, I would really appreciate it.  And please pray for the doctors as they decide what would be best for Greg.

Thank you,


  1. The Eysters are praying for you right now. Thank you for the updates, we read them regularly.

  2. We'll be praying Elise! You, Greg, and Paul are not alone. Jesus is at your side every step on this journey! <>