Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kidney function improving!

Today is the first time that we've felt like things are starting to go in a positive direction!

The big news is that his kidney function is improving, even though the diuretic he's on is known to hurt kidneys. He also lost 5lb of fluid overnight which is so important in improving his heart and kidney function.

There have been some difficult moments today, but there are other times when he's been much more alert and more himself than he has been in over a week. We are very thankful for this progress even though we know there is still a long way to go to before we have answers and he can go home. 

He had his first session of plasmapheresis today and he tolerated it well.  I'm looking forward to talking with the doctors tomorrow - especially the kidney doctor.

Please pray for:
- The diuretics to keep removing excess fluid from Greg's body.
- His kidney function to continue improving.
- His oxygen saturation to improve, along with his heart function.
- Answers to why he is experiencing heart failure symptoms - is it AMR or his kidneys that are causing it?
- For my sinus infection to clear up (I was able to be seen by a doctor today and am hoping my antibiotic does the trick!).

Thank you for your continued prayers! God is answering them! 


  1. Glad to hear this news Elise! Thank you for taking time to share updates in the middle of all this, I am sure it isn't easy to do. Praying for those kidneys!!!

  2. That's great, really glad to hear this!

  3. Continuing to lift up Greg for healing and for you Elise, to have rest and healing in full, too. Love to you all!!