Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greg is going back on the ventilator

Hi everyone,
We just got some hard news that Becky explains in the email below.  Today has been so hard but we're trusting that this is the right decision.  Thanks for praying.

Becky's email:

Hi again - another troubling occurrence in a difficult day.  They just did blood gases on Greg and found that he was extremely acidotic , which is hard to explain but is related to all the kidney issues that he is having.  The doctors have determined that in order to protect Greg's new heart, and to keep him from having a respiratory arrest eventually, it's necessary to reintubate him and put him on the ventilator for 24-48 hours. During that time, he will be kept sedated completely, while they do dialysis and get the fluid off of him and hopefully allow his kidneys to begin working. This is a really smart and necessary plan and we are grateful that they are so attentive, but it feels like a real blow right now. 

Please pray that he will have NO memory of this intubation and that his "sedated time" will just be a restorative time for him. Also, please pray that his heart will remain strong and safe and that his kidneys will "wake up" and be as strong as they ever have been. We would also really appreciate your prayers for us -- we are kind of running on empty today and this is kind of tough.

Thanks for being there as always.

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