Friday, November 26, 2010

Things are going well

Below are a couple of overnight texts from Greg's brother Tim. Praise God that everything went so well and please keep praying.


surgeon just came up..... said weve got "an incredible heart" in greg. surgery went great. its all over now.... hes going to be under heavy anesthetic for 3 hrs. we can see him in an hour. its extremely rare but 2% of transplants have bleeding after that can lead to a need to operate further. they think thats even MORE highly unlikely w greg cause everything went so good, but theyre still going to be monitoring that as well as any irregular beats its all over, surgerys done. went so so great.

just got to go in and see him! looks really really good. external pacemaker and tube doing breathing for nate dad are gunna sleep now. his nurses were all so nice, professional. he looks really good man. scary w the tube, from now on only 2 ppl allowed in at once. short visits as frequent as we want, a but they need to keep a good eye on his vitals and just watch. critical that they watch. but they said hes doing very well.


  1. This is amazing news to read this morning! God is good. I have been praying with you all, but also for the donor family. What a gift they gave...I pray they know God's peace and comfort that this heart now beats in an awesome young man's body, serving an awesome Father. We'll continue praying with you and look forward to updates!

  2. AMEN!!! We are all there with you in spirit. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! GOD IS GOOD.

    The Matchett Family!!!

  3. Praise God! We will continue to pray that God's healing Spirit continue move in your lives. Chuck Link and Family!

  4. Praise God! This is such amazing news! Seriously...what a wonderful blessing to read this morning! We love you Greg and Elise!

    Chris & Lori

  5. Thank God things have gone so well. I remember when Greg spoke at Fall Retreat in 2009 and it was truely a blessing to be in the same room as him and his wife. I'm so glad that God heard the prayers of everyone and let Greg pull through this. I'm very happy that God's servant can continue to shepard.