Monday, January 25, 2010

Emails updates are working

I just wanted to clarify that despite what I said in my initial email, you can now sign up to receive email updates from Greg's blog. Every evening around 10 pm you will get a single email with all the posts from that day. If there are no posts on any given day you won't receive an email.

To subscribe just enter your email address in the form to the right. Please be sure to visit the site as well so you can leave comments, for Greg, Elise, and the rest of his family.



  1. This is great, thank you for putting this together.

    Matt Hagen

  2. Thanks so much, Tim

  3. Greg and Elise! I was so encouraged by the post that your dad put about how even in the hospital you are reaching out to the nurses who help you! I am praying for you both! Katie Gill at Radfords Campus Staff