Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Note From Greg and Becky on Saturday Night

Hello again everyone!

I'm sitting here next to Greg after he walked THREE laps around the
floor. He is a TROOPER and I'm so proud of him!

I wanted to let you know that today, Tim Henderson, the director of
CRU at Penn State, created a blog site where you can read updates on
Greg and leave him messages of encouragement. He also created an
online option for donating to their staff account to specifically
help with the cost of their medical bills. Greg and Elise asked me to
thank you for all the prayers and encouragement that you've offered
for them and ask you to continue to pray as they face a long road

If you have time, feel free to leave a note on the board - it would
be a real source of encouragement and fun for them to read your
messages. When you do comment, it may be easiest for you to use "Name/URL" or "Anonymous" for your profile.

Thank you again - we are all very grateful!
With love,
Becky (and Greg!)


  1. Greg and Elise,

    I (and my family and my team at JMU) am praying for both of you. We've been praying since the first day we heard. Really.

    Dan Flynn

  2. Greg, you ARE a stud. Your continually in my family and church's prayers.
    Much love,
    -D Opel

  3. Greg - You don't know me, but I'm Thomas Fickley's mom, and his dad, Adam, and I are so grateful to you and Elise for the work you do @ GMU. You've made a very significant impact on Thomas' life, and for that we are thankful. Thank you for the time you've invested into his life. Please know that you are in our prayers many times daily, and that we will watch this spot so we can know how better to pray. May God's grace and mercy sustain you and your family minute by minute.
    Sharon Fickley

  4. Greg and Elise...we are praying for you both. We are grateful there is a way we can follow your progress. We believe in miracles and are praying for one for you two. love, Ellen (and Jim and Matthew) Campbell

  5. Greg and Elise,
    love you and praying for you!! If it snows again, I am coming to your place for some shoveling and hot chocolate!! :) Kathie

  6. Greg and Elise,

    I love you both. You are dear to me and I thank God that you are here. I thank Him because I know you have taken part in the change of course in so many lives, mine included. You are a man and woman who have found the way home and spend every ounce of yourself to show others the way.

    I pray continually for your recovery and for comfort and strength. I am there with you in spirit and in prayer.

    Always your friend, Pete

  7. GREG - Hey this is Brian Barnett. Just wanted to let you know that all of us in Tidewater are praying for you!!
    I also talked with Adam Swiger tonight, and we talked about you & are thinking about you a lot! You're a stud and we'll continue to pray!

  8. Greg and Elise,

    Lisa and I, along with the VT Cru staff team, have been praying for you often and will continue to pray hard for you. Honestly, we are praying.

    Jeff & Lisa Highfield

  9. Greg and Elise,
    Every hour of the day we are thinking about and more importantly, PRAYING for you two.
    We LOVE you guys.

    Debbie and Greg

  10. Greg! 3 laps! Wish we were all there to cheer you on... You know you have hundreds and thousands of us cheering you on in our hearts and prayers... Get some rest before your next set of laps and hug Elise for us (very gently).

    Love you both,

    Kellie Henderson

  11. We're praying for you!

    Roy and Chrissi Baker

  12. Greg,

    You are deeply loved. I wonder how God feels when so many of his children are lifting up someone in prayer. I am praying for his powerful presence amidst your emotional and physical pain.

    Jeff Martin

  13. Hey Greg and Elise, May you see Jesus in all of this and that His presence is real and comforting to you. I think about you often and pray for you. It is a joy to serve the King with you.

  14. Hey Greg, we're prayin' for you man! Glad to hear you're recovering from the surgery,

  15. Greg - love you more than I know how to say. you and your wife are some of those people that make life sweet to live in. I pray for you continuously throughout my day, and I want you to know you're always in my heart and thoughts (you too, Lise!)
    I pray for the hands of every professional that cares for you, sleep for both of you, and ultimately for the peace of mind to know that Jesus Christ himself is sitting next to you, and intends to work all of this for only the best.

    Anyways, I hope the beard needs to be restrained by a gum band,and that the mullet doth floweth with unparalleled strength and shine.

    I love you brother:) CANT WAIT to see you friday!!


  16. Greg & Elise,

    Please know that we are praying for you. We love you and your family. May God continue to bless you and open doors for you to share His Love.

    Carey & Dan Fritz

  17. Dearest Greg and Elise,

    You increase the faith of those around you by being an example of God's power and character in all circumstances - most definitely in our lives through our friendship.

    So thankful for this blog so we know how we can pray specifically for you. The Empfields were over this weekend and are interceding for you as well. So many others ask about you.

    We're praying for physical and emotional rest for you, that God's presence would draw ever closer, and that the Lord would sustain you through each moment.

    We love you and anticipate with faith and hope God's provision for you.

    Adam and Caitlin

  18. Gregory,

    You're beard in your photo is so red, ugly, and absolutely amazing! I love you man! I wanted to share a quote from the movie Chariots of Fire:

    "You can praise God by peeling a spud if you peel it to perfection. Don't compromise. Compromise is a language of the devil. Run in God's name (around your room) and let the world stand back in wonder."

    Yours in the Struggle,
    Paulie Kazanjian

    PS. To Elise and Family, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" Praise the Lord, for you are not alone!

  19. Greg and Elise,

    First off, I greatly appreciate the way you two are living your lives, faithful to God and His perfect plan for you. Being Christlike in this way is so honoring to the Father, and so needed by a watching world.

    Second, Jess and I are praying for you, your families, and for your donor. We won't stop.

    Last, God is prompting me to mention something I've recently read about Vietnam POW's and their unfathomable trials. The ones who had optimism unfounded in reality lost their spirits and gave up- they never made it out. The ones who faced reality but held unflinchingly to the faith and hope that someday things would get better, made it through many years and were finally able to make it home. Many of those who survived, went on to become immensely successful throughout life - they mentioned their trial as a defining point that made them stronger. We pray these two things for you: an unflinching faith and greater future ministry because of this trial.

    Be strong in the Lord, brother.
    Mike Miller

  20. Greg and Elise, we are praying for you. We love you and are so encouraged by your honest witness to our Savior's death and ressurection. We are asking God for you to get 1B status and for His presence to be a continual comfort to you.

  21. Hey Greg and Elise,
    We sang a beautiful song in church yesterday that really resonated with me. It's called "You Hold Me Now" by Hillsong

    In this life I will stand through my joy and my pain
    Knowing there's a greater day, there's a hope that never fails
    Where your name is lifted high and forever praises rise
    For the glory of Your name, I'm believing for the day

    Lots of people praying for you in Northern New Jersey --love you guys :)

  22. Greg and Elise
    You mean so much to so many people and so much to me. Its been amazing to see how people have responded. I miss you guys, and I feel pathetic that I hvent kept in too good of touch in the past year. Boo.
    In other news, you've been on my mind for the last few weeks for a different reason. I've been getting involved on younglife here in colorado, in large part due to your influence on my life and the passion for discipleship that gre out of it. I actually just met today with three highschool guys for our first lil biblestudy discipleship meeting. Finally. I can't wait for it to start producing fruit, and to let you know about it.
    Love your face.
    Steve Biers

  23. Greg, Elise, and Family,

    Praying that you'll feel God's love, presence, and healing as He responds to the prayers of SO MANY people who are praying on your behalf.

    Greg, I love you buddy. Looking forward to seeing you as soon as you're ready for visitors. Romans 8:31-39


    PS: You can tell lower case tim is Greg's brother from the second paragraph. Glad to see the Boros sense of humor is still intact.

  24. I just ducked out of staff prayer to let you know that we're praying for you here in Pittsburgh. Keep clinging to Jesus. - Kirstin Heyne

  25. thanks for letting us be a part of your lives through this time. we're glad to know how to pray and are expectant for the Lord to show up in huge ways. i'm praying for you guys to experience the Lord's renewed strength! Isaiah 40:27-31.

    love in Jesus,
    maria weimer

  26. Thanks for the blog to keep us updated on how to pray. We will continue to lift up you and your family during this time!

    in Him,
    Mike and Chellee Brown

  27. We're praying for you guys and can't wait to hear how God uses this in your life and the lives of many others!

    in Christ,

    Jason Weimer

  28. Greg and Elise,
    The Pittsburgh team will continue to keep you guys in our prayers. May God be very close to you.
    in Him,
    Jon Mathieu

  29. Kathi and Dan FazioJanuary 26, 2010 at 10:30 AM


    You don't know us, but we know your parents at HZUMC. Our small group is praying for you, as is all of HZUMC and I think all of Zelienople. We were at a party in our neighborhood the other night and overheard people talking about you! You're famous! We look forward to meeting you in happy circumstances and until then we will pray for you.

    Kathie Brenneman and Dan Fazio

  30. Hey Greg,
    I met you at launching retreat, had an awkward joke or two between us since then, and that's it. Doubt you ever remember my name lol. What is funny is while I feel like I don't know you at all, i've been very blessed and encouraged by your words on the two or so times i've heard you speak. It's my pray that the Lord's will is to allow you to continue being his tool on this Earth for his glory.

    ~Love You Bro

  31. hello everyone, i feel, as i read all the blogs about greg and everyone around him, very blessed indeed. i was 4 mo. old baby greg's first babysitter. i brought my kindergartner, josh (now 30) with me and we loved greg with a passion. he was adorable. and we loved every one of the boys as they came along. i was shocked to hear about greg and our prayers have been there also. i love you, greg, always did and always will.

    all of our love, your old jant (well not so old) and mike, j.t., josh, nikki, and michael john and family.