Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's all this going to cost?

For those of you who are interested I wanted to briefly explain what Greg and Elise will need to pay for his surgeries. The short answer is a lot.

Greg's insurance has two categories of out of pocket maximums. One category has a $5,000 cap which he will certainly hit. The other has a $10,000 cap which he may hit as well. Their expenses will not exceed $15,000 for covered services in any given year.

So, for services provided in each of 2009, 2010, and 2011, their out of pocket expenses will be somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000. For 2012 and beyond, assuming there are no further complications Greg's share of his total medical expenses will likely be $5,000 per year.

That of course is a large amount for them to bear, while still a small fraction of the total cost of a heart transplant. If you'd like to see some eye popping numbers for the total cost of heart transplant surgery, this is the most detailed site I have found.

In all they are facing, I'm sure I'm sure it would be a blessing to know that the money for these bills is provided. If you chose, there is a link to the right where you can contribute to their account with Campus Crusade. From that account Greg and Elise can reimburse 100% of their medical expenses tax free. You can be certain that your gift will benefit them directly. I know Elise has many other things on her mind right now so if you have any questions about this feel free to write me directly at I'd be happy to help however I can.


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