Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another good treatment!

Hey everyone!

Greg had what we hope was his last chemo treatment yesterday, and it went really well.  He didn't develop any headache, and other than being really tired and a little nauseous off and on he's been feeling okay.  We're so glad to be done with those treatments and even more thankful that he had two weekends without having to be hospitalized!

The next step in all of this is getting blood work again to see how effective the treatments have been at fixing the rejection.  We're waiting to get an appointment, but it seems like he'll be getting the blood work drawn sometime this week.  They need to give the Rituxan time to take affect before testing him.  He'll also be getting a biopsy in a couple weeks - it depends on when the doctor thinks it would be the right time (with the Rituxan fully in effect).

Greg had been developing really awful insomnia and some nights wasn't even able to fall asleep at all, so he's back on a sleep medication.  It has helped SO much for him to get a few nights of good sleep!!  He doesn't want to be on it long term, but we are just really glad that he has it right now when he really needs it.

We might not have any updates for a little while, but I'll let you know when we find out how the rejection's going. 

Greg is so encouraged to know that he is being prayed for by you - we are grateful for each one of you.


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