Monday, June 25, 2012

Now we wait

Hey everyone,

This whole process has been kind of confusing for us - not knowing when tests need to be done, etc.  But, Greg finally had a chance to talk to the transplant coordinator this morning and we have a solid plan.  Unfortunately it means that we have to wait for 2 weeks to find out if his antibody mediated rejection is gone. 

He won't have a blood test this week.  According to the coordinator, it would be pointless to test his blood at this point because the Rituxan has not had enough time to take effect.  They want it to kill off his b-cells and then they need to give it time for his body to produce more b-cells (that hopefully don't remember that they ever recognized his heart as something foreign).  So his blood work will be done at the same time of his next biopsy which is Wednesday July 11th.

We're disappointed to have to wait to find out the results, but we're just going to move forward and hold our summer plans very loosely - hoping for, but not in, the best. 

On July 22nd, we're hoping to go to Hawaii to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary (which was yesterday!).  We've been saving for 5 years to do be able to take a trip for our 5th Anniversary, and when Greg was in the hospital waiting for his transplant, some incredibly loving and generous friends, family, and even strangers, surprised us by helping to make this trip possible (the great part is that Hawaii has a transplant-capable hospital so if we had an emergency, we wouldn't be too far from medical assistance).  We've known all along that it's possible we won't be able to go because of Greg's health, but it has given us something fun to look forward to and hope for in the midst of a lot of really bad days.  We just really want to get away from Fairfax and hospitals for a while and spend some time having fun and making memories and celebrating that we made it to this anniversary (without Greg's new heart, we never would have)!

So we're praying for a good result on the 11th.  We'd love it if you would pray for that too.  But even more so, would you pray that we would keep holding Hawaii loosely?  Please pray that we don't set our hope on a vacation but that it would remain in Christ who gives us hope beyond this life.

Thanks so much,

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