Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back in the hospital but doing OK

Hi everyone!

Some of you have already heard that Greg is back in the hospital.  His chemo treatment went really well yesterday and he was doing great until around 11pm.  By 7:30 this morning, he was calling his parents (who were staying at a hotel down the street) and asking them to drive him to the hospital because the pain was so bad.  If you know Greg well, you know that he hates going to the hospital (who can blame him) and the fact that he asked to go says a lot about how much he was hurting.

I was in State College and missed a few of Becky and Smitty's phone calls, but by 9:30am I knew what was going on and was on my way back to Fairfax.  It took a few hours to get the emergency room doctors/nurses to understand everything that had happened with Greg last week and he almost ended up going in for a spinal tap, but thankfully the neurologist showed up in time and decided that based on his history, it wasn't wise.

By 4pm, Greg had the steroid in him again that was effective last week in the hospital, and after a short nap (lots of meds!) he was already feeling much better!  He's now up in the Heart Institute, and has eaten and feels pretty good (no headache!)!  They have stopped the anti-seizure medication and started him on some new anti-headache meds in addition to the steroid that has helped so much.

I'm at home right now getting him some stuff for his overnight hospital stay real quick, and soon I'll be heading back to the hospital.  I wanted to thank everyone for praying today and I also wanted to assure you that Greg is doing well.  It seems like they doctors have decided that these headaches are definitely from the Rituxan (chemo) and now we're just hoping they'll come up with a good plan that will keep him headache free and out of the ER next weekend!

Thanks so much - and for all of the State College people who came to the celebration last night - it was so wonderful to see you and pray with you.  Thank you!

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