Monday, June 4, 2012

late night progress

Around 10pm last night (Sun), Greg woke up from a long
benedryl-induced nap and was a little hungry! He ate a roll, drank
some gingerale, and we had the most normal, lucid, conversation we've
had in days! He also walked around his room a bit and even sent his
parents a short email before the screen bothered his eyes too much. I
was so encouraged to see him feeling so much more normal! It seems
like God is working through some of these new pain medications!!

I just got back to the hospital and he's in a pretty deep sleep - he
woke up for a minute when I came in but is holding his head and didn't
seem to want to talk out loud - just mouthed some words to me. I'm
not sure how his night went but hopefully things continued to go well.

I'm looking forward to talking with the doctors later today. I'll
keep you posted.

Thanks for praying,

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