Friday, July 13, 2012

Bad News

We're about to go to the hospital so this is going to be brief - we just found out that Greg is having both types of rejection right now.  He had a biopsy and blood test and his antibody mediated rejection is still present (though a bit less than last time) and he is a 2R with the other type of rejection.

He'll be in the hospital getting IV steroids for 3 days.  Then they'll do a biopsy to see if that has helped either type of rejection.  If the antibody mediated rejection is still present after that, he'll have to start again with plasmapheresis, iVIG and chemo.

We don't know if we'll be able to go on our trip at this point (we're supposed to leave on the 22nd) - it depends on how things go and what the doctors advise.

Not what we were hoping for at all and of course we're pretty bummed.
We'd appreciate your prayers,

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  1. Greg and Elise, we're praying. We're so sorry to hear about the rejection. Praying that the steroids do their work these next three days ~

    Christy and Ed Hanna