Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hey everyone,

I just got back from the hospital (it's midnight) and I'm so exhausted - mentally and emotionally.  I don't really have it in me to write an update right now, so I'm just going to copy part of an update Greg's mom sent out today to some friends and family today.  Thanks for praying for us.

Here's the update:

Smitty and I arrived at the hospital last night around 12A and surprised Greg with a visit until 2A.  We were amazed at how he was handling the devastating news of the day, MANY unsuccessful attempts to start an IV before someone from the ER finally got one in, late medications, beeping equipment with not enough staff around to quiet it, and finally receiving 1000mg of IV prednisone. That won't mean alot to those of you who aren't in the health care profession, but it's a HUGE dose. He will receive that same dose again tonight and tomorrow night.  He didn't fall asleep until close to 7AM and then was bothered consistently through the morning for vitals/ medications/ cleaning people/ meals, etc.  Despite it all, he has remained polite, grateful and gracious with the staff.... truly amazing.  Elise remains his sweet and blessed anchor amidst this crazy chain of events.

Dr. May (one of the transplant doctors) saw him this morning and explained that he will receive these high dose steroids for three days and the hope is that it will not only stop the acute rejection, but also somehow stop the antibody mediated rejection.  I truly don't understand all this and we will hopefully gain more information tomorrow.  The heart biopsy will not be repeated for two weeks after the last steroid dose.  If either type of rejection persists, more treatment will be ordered.  The doctor said that he will likely remain on maintenance steroids since he has had repeated episodes of rejection.  They are also increasing his regular anti-rejection meds.

Greg asked if it was realistic to think that they might still be able to leave for Hawaii a week from tomorrow and Dr. May said that traveling that far in his present condition, plus being in a plane with recirculated air for that long with his immune system again ravaged would probably not be a good idea.  Greg and Elise discussed it and cancelled their trip this afternoon.  Aside from losing almost $3000 (since UNITED would not sell him trip insurance due to his "pre-existing condition"), this is a huge loss since it was the last "summer dream" they had for this year. .... and everything else had fallen away as well.  One truly sweet blessing is that the owner of the resort they were going to stay at is a Christian and when she heard their story this afternoon, has agreed to refund the $800 down payment they had made for their stay.

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  1. Judy Nelson LewisJuly 16, 2012 at 2:22 PM


    I don't know Greg and Elise personally but also work with Cru and have been following their story. I was so sick to hear about the Hawaii cancellation and loss of money. I wondered if United could offer a refund if they knew the whole story, so I called. They are willing to look into it! I would be happy to chase this down, if you like. I simply need the ticket information. Email me at or call, 407.234.3725. Thanks!