Sunday, July 29, 2012


We are SO excited to tell you that we just found out that United REFUNDED THE COST OF OUR CANCELED FLIGHTS!!!!!   We only lost $130 total in fees through the refund process which is unheard of!  It is such a huge relief to have this money back that we spent so long saving for.  Hopefully some day we'll actually be able to use it to go to Hawaii, but at least now we have it back in our hands and can use it for whatever God brings into our lives.  We just called our parents to share the good news and couldn't wait to put an update on this blog.  Thank you to everyone for going to bat with us on this!  What a RELIEF!!

We had a really wonderful couple of days away on the Chesapeake Bay this week thanks to friends and family.  It was so great to get out of town and forget (we made a pact not to talk about any "real life" stuff) medical stuff, and biopsies, and medical expenses, and the refund we were waiting on (and now have!)... and to not check email or our phones..  It's amazing how much a couple days away can do for your perspective and mindset!  We both feel so much more able to face whatever is coming at us next.

Greg had a biopsy on Monday to check for his cellular rejection and they will also take more blood to send to Hopkins to check for AMR.  We still don't have any results from his blood test this past Tuesday, but they're probably waiting to tell us when they see us on Monday.  As always, I'll let you know what's going on once we have some results!

Thank you again for being a part of this awesome, awesome blessing of our refund!


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