Monday, July 23, 2012

Thanks and an update

Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone who has signed the petition my mom started at  It has been AMAZING to see so many people sign it and leave comments.  Wow is this the most encouraging thing that has happened in a long time for us!  We are blown away by so many of you caring for us and fighting for us to get that refund.  Right now, all the paper work has been faxed to United and we're waiting on their response.  Honestly, if not for the petition we probably wouldn't have a chance of getting a refund since the definition of terminal is 6 months or less to live - with no chance of treatment.  Praise God that is not our situation!  But that's the requirement for them to consider a refund request.  You are adding so much weight to our case by signing the petition and we are so grateful.  And even if we don't get the refund, we will not forget this outpouring of love for us.

Greg had an appointment at the hospital today - just to get his meds checked on and other details like that.  We didn't realize they were going to do this, but they took blood today to send to Hopkins to test for AMR (antibody mediated rejection).  We should have the results by the end of the week.  But since his biopsy is on Monday (checking for the cellular rejection and again taking a blood sample to send to Hopkins), they won't treat him unless the AMR is significantly worse until after they get the results of the biopsy and second blood test.

Overall, he's feeling pretty crummy, but a lot better than he was feeling when he got out of the hospital last week.  He seems to be adjusting to being on the prednisone again, and though he still aches in his joints he isn't as shaky and weak.  His stomach has been pretty upset the whole week, but they tweaked some of his meds a bit to hopefully make things easier on his stomach. 

Emotionally, this has been a tough week for both of us.  I actually drove to church Saturday night and then turned around in the parking lot because I was so overwhelmed by the thought of seeing people.  Our church is so loving and cares so much about Greg - but showing up without him and just verbalizing what things have been like was too much - I just couldn't do it.  Maybe that sounds melodramatic, but right now we're processing a lot of emotions that are hard to talk about.  We've been in similar places before and I'm just trusting that the Lord is going to walk us through this as he's done in the past - one step and one day at a time.

Thanks to some family and dear friends, Greg and I have been given the opportunity to go away for a couple nights.  We're allowed to be a couple hours away from the hospital (we made sure to have permission) and we're really looking forward to getting away from Fairfax for a few days before the next biopsy.  We leave tomorrow and we can't wait!

Thanks again for showing us so much support and love once again.  You are a blessing from God.


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  1. Hey you two! Glad to see you're getting some time away. I know it's a long shot, but if you're around this weekend and are up for a quick visit, please let me know. I'll be down in DC and would love to stop by and catch up. - jeff c